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 How to disable Always on Display?

Along with the release of the new iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple has come out with an always-on display like the display we have seen on millions of Android phones in the past but unlike Androids usage of the always-on display with which the screen dims down and only shows the time and date Apple has taken it a step further not just by simply showing the time and the date when the screen dims down the refresh rate is also slowed down to 1Hz as to conserve the battery of the phone while the always-on display is working. So, let's get to the point of whether you are a fan of Apple’s new Always on display or not whether you want to enable it or disable it this is how.

Before we dive into the method of turning it on or off, we should first know how the always-on display is working on your iPhone

How Does It Work?

Both the new releases of the iPhone the flagship line iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with the ProMotion 120Hz displays which makes the refresh rate of your screen go up to 120 times per second. As we know the higher the refresh rate the smoother and faster your display will work more efficiently and will work look more responsive which makes your phone seem extra fast which is the dire need of every user. 

Even though the last year's iPhone 13 Pro Models had the same ProMotion 120Hz display they could not change their refresh rates, this feature is new and is only featured in the new iPhone 14 Pro Series and have the capability to reduce their refresh rate down to 1Hz which allows the black screen to be power efficient AOD

The Always on display shuts itself off

Unlike the description of the display being always on, there are some instances where the display does turn itself off to conserve the iPhone battery

Your iPhone could be put somewhere facing down or your iPhone is in your bag or your iPhone is connected to Apple Car play or if your phone has remained unused for some time according to Apple the iPhone also possess the ability to learn your patterns and turns them on display off respectively of your usage and behavior and the always-on display is also turned off when your battery saving or low power mode is enabled 


car wallpaper iphone


How to turn on the iPhone 14 Always on Display

The Always-on Display comes already enabled from Apple in the box in some cases if the always-on display isn't already enabled it is quite a simple process.

Open the settings of your iPhone 

Navigate over to the display and brightness and toggle the ‘Always On 

After doing this whenever your iPhone is locked it will never go completely black screen your iPhone will lower the brightness of the screen and adjust the refresh rate to 1Hz to preserve your iPhone's battery life.

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How to turn off the Always on Display

Some users aren't that big of fans of the Always on Display if you are also in that group the following is the way how to disable it

Open the settings of your iPhone

Navigate over to the display and brightness and toggle the Always on Display to off

Now when your phone is locked it will turn off the iPhone display apart from just lowering the brightness and refresh rate, which the people who aren't fans of the always-on display will love to do.

Top pick wallpapers for the Always on Display

Whenever Apple innovates you can never expect them not to add some flair to it apart from all the other always-on displays that you might have seen Apple has incorporated some amazing transitions from the regular display to the always-on display and some specific wallpapers go amazingly with the transition and the always-on display. Here are our top picks for iPhones Always on Display


The astronomy wallpaper works amazingly with the dimmed display as it just shows an animation of the earth of the moon with small stars all around which gives an amazing look to the dimmed display and makes it look like a beautiful display in the transition from the regular display to the always-on display the clock also moves to the foreground in a new format which adds even more to the aesthetic 

Pride Wallpaper

This wallpaper also goes well with the iPhones always on display the colors look gorgeous in the dimmed light and the animation from the regular display also makes an amazingly smooth transition on your iPhone screen.

turn 14

How to extend the iPhones Pro Series Battery

The users have reported that the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max still wins in comparison to the battery given in the iPhone 14 Pro Max an issue which is being attributed to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s always on display to reduce the gap between the battery gap the always-on display needs to be turned off even though the phone reduces the brightness and the refresh rate it is still consuming more battery than the regular iPhone 13 Pro Max some concerns all also rising about the screen burn-in due to the display always being on doing this also removes the concerns regarding the screen burn-in. Disabling the always-on display maximizes the battery life of the iPhone.

If you are a fan of the always-on display you can also take an alternative route by reducing the brightness of your display and enabling the Dark Mode by using the Low Power Mode. Dark phone background will definitely increase your battery time.


Frequently asked questions about the Always on Display

  • Does the AOD turn off automatically?

    There are two instances where the always-on display will turn off completely on its own, one being either if your phone is in your pocket or a bag the display will detect that and will completely turn off the display as in those situations there is no need for it as you will not be looking at your iPhone for any updates

    The other instance is if you are wearing an Apple watch and walk away from your device the iPhone will automatically detect that and it will turn off the Always on display to not let your personal information that is displayed through the widgets anyone else near the iPhone.

    •   Is the AOD customizable?

    In the current iOS 16, the option for customizing the iPhone always-on display is not available the only customization allowed is to weather have it on or off it's expected that in future updates Apple will bring the option for users to customize their always-on displays.


    •  Does AOD impact battery life?

    In the testing that has been done until now, it can't say conclusively if the always-on display impacts the battery life yet there is enough evidence present that shows that the always-on display will affect the all-over battery life of your iPhone as the Apple Watch used as a reference its always-on display also affects the battery of the all over Apple Watch


    •  Does AOD impact battery life?

    In our limited testing so far, we can’t conclusively say if the always-on display impacts the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro. However, there will probably be a fairly evident impact on battery life with AOD because the Apple Watch always on display also affects its battery life by quite a bit.

    The always-on display is quite easy to control on your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max it lets you control what and what amount of information you want to see on your iPhone Apple lets you control the weather you just want to see the time and date or if you want to take it a step further and also allow the widgets from certain apps to keep you informed As well on the always-on display and yes you of course also get the option whether you want the always-on display on your iPhone or if you want to disable it.

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