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 Intel Abandons the Intel Pentium & Intel Celeron Processors

Intel has come out with huge news the company is planning to replace all of its Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron brands with Intel Processors. This new move is looking to replace all present brands in 2023 notebooks which seems to make things easier for customers looking for a good laptop on a budget.

The company has decided now to put more focus on its Intel Core, Intel Evo, and vPro brands for all the main flagship releases and has decided to use Intel Processor in their affordable releases.

“Intel is committed to driving innovation to benefit users, and our entry-level processor families have been crucial for raising the PC standard across all price points,” explains Josh Newman, VP and interim general manager of mobile client platforms at Intel. “The new Intel Processor branding will simplify our offerings so users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.”

The legendary Intel Pentium retired or another word for rip after 30 years of operations, first introduced in 1993 the main Intel Pentium chips were first used in the flagship desktops before they were used in laptops. The Intel Core has mostly been used for the flagship line ever since 2006, and the Intel Pentium was used for the affordable middle line.

Intel Evo

The Intel Celeron was used for the faction of their most affordable line of machines which was launched five years after the release of the Intel Pentium, The Intel Celeron has been always used in the low-cost affordable PC henceforth offering a low level of performance at the low-price tag. The Intel Celeron was first started in 1998 and in today's world the Intel Celeron is mostly given to the Chromebook and other affordable laptops

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Intel's decision to move to Intel Processors will leave the other Processors now in a new single brand. This arises a new problem for Intel to educate their consumers on which chips are more suitable for their usage which Intel has not shared how they proceed to do. As most consumers are gravitating towards the chrome books and other low-cost devices which come equipped with either the Celeron motherboard or the Pentium which leads the customer to be dissatisfied with the performance as the demand for a fast device at an affordable price cannot be fulfilled as those cheaper devices come with chips that cannot hold up the weight that is being put in cpu & reddit Intel.



Even though this big change Intel has declared that this will not have any effect on the products that the company is currently offering or the goals and ambitions of the company in the long run.

This rebranding comes at a peculiar time as we are just weeks away from the company introducing the new 13th GEN desktop processors.

This has all just boiled down to

AMD vs Intel longevity

Companies are now starting to realise to keep steady in this ever-changing world they have to adapt reddit intel and overcome rather than stay on their own course.

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