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iPhone 14 Series VS Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

After the release of Apple’s new iPhone 14 Series, Samsung has given the release date of their new flagship model the Samsung Galaxy s23 which has led to the rumors being ignited as a flame regarding the old traditional battle of iPhone vs galaxy.

Specifically, the Apple iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the expected new flagship phone by Samsung which was first rumored to launch with the new iPhone 14 series as the iPhone was launched in September 2022 and was going to be followed by Samsung in February 2023.

Before we dive into the comparison of Apple 14’s vs the Samsung Galaxy S23 line-up all this information is based on rumors as no comments or information has been released by the company.

galaxy wallpaper iphone

iPhone 14 VS Galaxy S23

We will look at each device as to how they are an improvement on their previous models. So far what we see the improvements haven't been made too dramatic.

The main differences that have been seen in iPhone so far have been the improved cameras which include a 48-megapixel main sensor which is a higher sensor that apple has ever put out in any of their previous devices

With the Galaxy s23, the story is a bit bigger it is believed that S23 samsung might have a major improvement on the camera and Samsung might be the first company to launch a device with a 400 Megapixel main camera which could play a lot in Samsungs favor if they secure to be the first ever phone company to secure such a spot.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Features

The data collected about the new s23 samsung is through leaks and rumors as no information has been officially released by the company. Some rumors claim that the new Samsung flagship measures 6.43 x 3.07 x 0.35 inches which aren't that big of an increase from the last year's model yet still is a slight increase. The most prominent and driving rumor that is going around is that the S23 Ultra will feature a 200Mp camera which is a massive increase from the camera already being offered in the present S22 Ultra which comes with a 108Mp Camera the company is also rumored to change their older ISOCELL HP1 for a newer generation. The flagship is expected to feature a 40Mp main camera and the storage is rumored to be 256GB in the baseline model and to go up to 2TB in the Ultra model

The new SoC is also unknown at the moment but Samsung could potentially use the newly revealed Exynos 2200 with the AMD RDNA2 which might still be Snapdragon based and restricted to some regions as certain advancements are not available to all region models.

Apple iPhone 14 Series Features

The information on the new iPhone 14 series has been revealed in the Apple event and through reviewers. The all new iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro features a huge 6.1-inch screen while the Max/ Plus models have a screen of 6.7 inches. The newly released A16 will only feature in the Pro line-up while the basic iPhone 14 model will feature the same A15 chip from last year. The real upgrade is the one that will only be seen in the Pro Models.

Another upgrade that can be seen in the models is the LPDDR5 RAM while the base models will be running on the LPDDR4X the storage is also remaining the same as it will still start at 128GB and go up to 1TB in the Pro variants

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iPhone 14 Series vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: The Looks and Colors

The thing that matters most to the consumers is the look and feel of the device above all else and the Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 are set to offer a premium style to the users another similarity that can be seen between both the companies is that the design is same as the previous devices. The iPhone 14 has the same look as the iPhone 13 and the colors are also said to be similar with the addition of the new Sky-blue option for the Pro models there is a new addition the Dark Purple edition.

Samsung same as the Apple is said to retain and carry the same design as the S22 series. Changes aren't expected to be made to the design but some new color options are said to be offered.

iPhone 14 Series vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Cameras

Even in the previous history, we have seen that Apple has never chased a higher resolution sensor while on the other hand Samsung has its foot always on the gas chasing after the higher camera resolution and this time may be the time that they finally reach it. Even the S22 Ultra has a 108 Megapixel main camera which beats iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 12Mp camera by 98Mp.

Apple has worked on the quality of their camera more as apart from that Samsung has focused more on their sensor and features added into the camera the previous S22 Ultra employs both the 10x and the 3x optical zoom components. To compare to Apple, they have only opted for the 3x optical zoom in only their main Pro Max model users have reported that they would rather prefer the Apple 3x optical over Samsung 10x optical as even though it might be 10x it isn't that practical and it isn't that use worthy as the quality doesn’t remain same it deteriorates while the Apples 3x optical zoom still remains with the quality Samsungs 10x optical isn't practical it is just a zoom that exists not one that may be used daily.

The above look of the cameras which is seen as Galaxy quad lens setup and iPhones 3 camera set up the outer shape or form isn't expected to be changed while only the inside system and working is predicted/rumored to have been changed as well as galaxy wallpaper iphone.

Some critics have also about why chasing higher resolutions matters the reason being that higher resolutions determine how much data the camera has the ability to capture as the more data that it can capture it can process and produce a higher and sharper image with greater color and dynamic range which will deliver more data that will have the ability to be edited hence the more resolution that they camera offers it offers a higher field to work with and more data that can be processed if the amount of data provided is increased then the final result will also be more perfect. A higher range of resolutions will give a new huge range of opportunities and facilities that can be played with and can be improved

iPhone 14 Series VS Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Power

The main requirement of each user is the power and output that their phone provides the processing power of the device is a big driver in the decision making process it is expected that Apple & Samsung both giants will be using their team experts to push and boost the Power & Battery & life of the  iPhone 14 & Galaxy S23 series and there higher end models . Samsung Galaxy s-23 is rumored to come with a Qualcomm series processor which is increased in power with the Exynos. On the other hand Apple is said to use their new A16 Bionic chip.

Every Year we see processing power enhancements, but we have reached a point where It feels as these shifts are not palpable. One generation to the other generation does not seem to offer real world use case that are any more different from the last models.

However, I would expect that both Apple & Samsung will be using their in house expert team in semiconductors to push the icon phones. iPhone 14 & Galaxy S-23 Samsung Series Power up a notch. It's rumored that Samsung may drop Qualcomm processor & ramp up its Exynos production for international release later this year. Apple meanwhile, is thought to be moving towards a new A16 Bionic chip.

iPhone 14 Series VS Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Availability

The Samsung GalaxyS23 is said to be released at $999 for the base model and the Ultra model is expected to go up to $1,1999. Which is the same as the iPhone 14 Series the series is expected to increase the price of its Pro Series by $100 so it is expected the iPhone 14 Pro Max might be priced at the same as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

iPhone 14 Series VS Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Conclusion

Both the devices offer up their own features and upgrades and no doubt are both devices to be waited for and the hype behind both the devices is no doubt justified now for the decision in which device to go with it depends on the preference of the users which features they prove above others and which things they value higher as both the companies have their own priorities and focuses both foci on different things hence it comes down to which aspects of the device are more important to the users.


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For Apple fans, it is an easy road as the iPhone 14 is now available everywhere while the iPhone 14 Plus model will be available next month.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series, there is still a waiting period to go for that option demands some patience as the samsung s23 release date is still few month away.

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