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The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone14 Pro Max All That You Need to Know

Apple iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max features a pill-shaped circular cut-out in the screen which is replacing the notch which now houses the scanners including the Face ID and Camera and the proximity sensor which has now been placed behind the display.

The gap between the two sensors is now filled with black pixels. Apple is calling this new pill shape the Dynamic Island as it does not remain idle it expands and retracts depending on what is being performed on the phone, from using Face ID to playing music to music playbacks. It can also be used to display information from other applications like incoming calls or texts and sports scores from matches being viewed in other apps.

While Seeing iPhone 14 Images it shows that the all new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Features a slimmer bezels while still being 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch in size and becomes the phone to introduce the always-on display which has been seen on Android devices in the past years and which allow information like time, date and other notification to seen even when the display is not completely activated.

To the dismay of the masses, the new iPhone 14 Pro leaks show that the iPhone 14 Pro does not support SIM cards in the US which leaves only one option for the users in the US which is to set up an eSIM.

iphone 14 pro max flip

When will the iPhone 14 Pro be released?

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are available on Pre-Order now in many regions and will there sale started on 16 September in other regions, it was available from 23 September.

iphone 14 pro max flip

How much will the iPhone 14 Pro cost?

The iPhone 14 Pro will cost from $999/£1099/€1329 while the iPhone 14 Pro Max Features cost around $1099/£1199/€1479.

It’s available in 128GB at this price, but you’ll have to pay more for 256GB. 512GB, and 1TB models.

 Here’s the full pricing:

iPhone 14 Pro

128GB – $999/£1099

256GB – $1099/£1209

512GB – $1299/£1429

1TB – $1499/£1649


iPhone 14 Pro Max

128GB – $1099/£1199

256GB – $1199/£1309

512GB – $1399/£1529

1TB – $1599/£1749

This model has also launched a new deep purple color as well as the classic silver, gold, and space black. The iPhone 14 images / iPhone 14 pictures show that these colors are beautiful and give the device a beautiful and sleek design.


iphone 14 pro max flip

 What are iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Features and Specs?

The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are the only models this year to feature the new A16 Bionic Chipset. Apple claims that its 6-core CPU is “up to 40% faster than the competition” .

The basic iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus flip do not feature the new A16 chip or the new Dynamic Island or the always-on display, which gives clear signals that Apple is pushing to upsell the new Pro Models this year. While the name of the Dynamic Island might be odd it aims to climate the space between the holes and makes use of the pill shape apart from it just being an idle nuisance in the middle.

The always-on display is exclusive only to the Pro models and has been timed to release with the release of the iOS 16 which in itself headlines some new features such as widgets and makes it more customizable in general to the iPhone's lock screen.

This time the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max also introduce more than the 12Mp it has been upgraded up to a 48Mp main wide angle the sensor size also has grown by 65% larger than the last Pro model. Combined with a new Photonic Engine that is claiming to improve even further than the iPhone 13 Pro. The 12Mp ultra-wide lens has also been upgraded to a larger sensor which is said to take in three times lighter which will improve the overall macro photography. The telephoto lens is also 12Mp.

Apple claims the A16 chip plays an integral part in executing the Pro’s camera features, even though the low light improvements are entitled to the new hardware that also includes a new front-facing camera with an f/1.9 aperture and for the first time equipped with autofocus.

A new mode has also been introduced which gives the device the capabilities of a gimble-like steady video shooting called the Action Mode all these upgrades to an already critically acclaimed camera of the iPhone 13 Pro show that Apple is still pushing the boundaries harder.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was already acclaimed for its battery life ever seen with 28 hours of video playback. The company is promising one more hour of video on the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, while the base iPhone 14 Pro has a 23 hours battery life.

The Pro models, as the regular base model iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus features comes with emergency SOS capabilities with satellite connectivity for the first time. This enables people stuck in SOS situations out of cellular or Wi-Fi connection which also allowed them to share their location in such situations with their loved ones with the help of the Find My app. These new models also come equipped with crash detection technology which can now detect with advanced technology if the user has been involved in a crash and sets up a timer time for the user to respond and if no response is recorded in the given time the iPhone is defaulted to take the instruction as the user as unconscious and to contact emergency help.

From The iPhone 14 Pro Leaks it shows that  the satellite emergency service is set to come in November and will be free for two years on the iPhone 14 Models which also hints at the fact that it might come at a cost after the finishing of the two-year tenure. The feature is also only exclusively launched within the US and Canada yet such a feature could prove lifesaving to people all over the globe and is a feature we hope hurries into other markets and regions of the world.


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