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iPhone colors: every shade, including 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Series Colours

Before getting into the market for the new iPhone series there are a lot of things that one has to consider with the wide variety of upgrades, battery times, and quality that every model presents first you have to see which model suits you whether that may be the baseline iPhone 14 or the bigger iPhone 14 Plus or do your requirements require the premium lines including the iPhone 14 Pro or raising the scale even higher with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Storage is an important concern for all in the market for a new phone. But the second most important thing for the person is the iPhone Colour or the iPhone Shade.

This year Apple has released their new series with five different iPhone 14 Colors, which these shades are also available in the iPhone 14 Plus. In the case of the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 14 Pro Max then there are actually four different colors available apart from the ones that the baseline iPhone 14 Colors. This means that apple has offered nine different color options now for a deep dive into the colors

In the case of the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus you have the choice of Midnight, Starlight, Product Red, Blue, and Purple.

iPhone 14 Blue/ iPhone 14 Plus Blue

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The blue is a shade that was also available in the last year's iPhone 13 but this time around the blue shade used in iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is a bit paler in comparison, it is a subtle color that has much to offer which fits in perfectly with Apple's color scheme for its Pro models but this year isn't an option for the Pro models. The iPhone 14 Blue and iPhone 14 Plus Blue provide a more interesting look than the traditionally loved iPhone Black and white shades

iPhone 14 Purple/ iPhone 14 Plus Purple

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A new addition to this year's line-up is the new shade of purple which is quite light and pale henceforth not making it too flashy it gives a subtle classy look especially as this color isn't available in the iPhone 13 so it is the one that sets you truly apart 

iPhone 14 Midnight/ iPhone 14 Plus Midnight

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This new color is just Apple’s new name for the black shade it's quite a common shade in all Apple models and has quite the fan following it was also available in the previous iPhone 13 but there is no doubt that it has and will always be a classic color. It might be a boring color to some but it is a color that’s synonymous with the image of a classic that everyone loves regardless 

iPhone 14 Starlight/ iPhone 14 Plus Starlight 

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Starlight is also another one of Apple's classic shades from their line-up since the very beginning now renamed from white to Starlight. In the same case as Midnight even though it is a color that has been in Apple since the very beginning there's also a reason Apple has kept it running so long as it is also one of those classic colors that you will always see and will never go out of style.

But this year the White has been turned on into a bit of an Off-White shade to set it apart from all the White colors offered by every single phone company 

iPhone 14 Product Red/ iPhone 14 Plus Product Red

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The Product RED edition is probably the brightest color/Shade that is available in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus this will be the brightest and the showiest shade which is the color that is sure to mark its mark within a crowd. It doesn’t give off that classy look it's more of a younger generation shade that won't appeal to many people but those who opt for it will love it. 

Also, to keep in mind with the purchase of the Product RED iPhone is that Apple contributes from each purchase to the fight against Covid-19 globally.



Now in terms of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max there is an option between 4 colors 

Deep purple iPhone, Gold iPhone, Silver iPhone or Space Black iPhone.

iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple/ iPhone 14 Pro Max Deep Purple

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The Deep Purple is one of the new additions to the color line-ups this year a color that wasn’t available in the last year's line-up and also a color that is still not available in the baseline iPhone 14. The Deep Purple is a darker shade of purple it is one of the most stand-out colors available in the new Pro series and exclusivity is guaranteed and everyone loves to stand out and be exclusive 

iPhone 14 Pro Gold/ iPhone 14 Pro Max Gold

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Coming back with a classic just like it was on the previous year's Pro models the gold color reappears. It has by far been Apple's most shiny shade you can get. Even though it has become quite a widely preferred choice the iPhone 14 Pro Max Gold will still stand out. It isn't the type of gold that looks cheap it is a refined form of gold which makes it looks of a higher class and flashy it strikes a beautiful balance between the two  

iPhone 14 Pro Silver / iPhone 14 Pro Max Silver

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Apple comes back with another one of their classic colors that Apple has offered multiple times in the past, a color that was also offered in the iPhone 13 Pro line. It is widely used color of phone devices as other phone companies have also opted for this color in a lot of their devices.

The iPhone Silver is less shiny than the iPhone Gold yet this color is not downplayed as the Black shade.

iPhone 14 Pro Space Black / iPhone 14 Pro Max Space Black

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The Space Black offered by Apple in spite of its name shows more of a Dark Grey color than black, it is a shade that falls in the spectrum of the graphite color that has been offered by Apple in the past and the Midnight color. This color option is still the darkest option you can opt for in this new lineup. The color has been made in such a way that it settles and suits every style no matter the place or occasion hence making it the greatest option for the new iPhone


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