How to Replace A Cracked Cell Phone Screen

The broken $1000 dilemma 

Everybody once or twice finds themselves in a situation where they question their decisions one of which comes when you drop your phone and when you pick it up you see that horrible sight of broken glass which breaks the strongest ones of us.

Even in these situations, the complete blame can neither be put on you nor the company because consumers want a device that’s slim and aesthetic to look at not bulky or too rough to touch so that’s where this compromise comes in with an elegant design comes sensitive breakable material with slim edges and a screen with no bezels a design which does look attractive yet it comes with the compromise of durability as durability comes with sturdy materials and bulk which is been the main concerns of companies to finish due to popular public demand to satisfy the public these changes are done.

The research done on the process of a screen getting broken suggests that when you drop your device the elastic energy that is stored within the display of the phone is converted into surface energy which becomes the reason why your glass cracks, when the phone has dropped the force of impact overcomes the compression of the surface which results in small stresses which over team leads to the screen completely shattering.

Now that you know the reasons why this happens you might wonder what are the companies doing about It this research has prompted the companies to experiment with other types of glass that are tougher and has the ability to absurd the force of impact which is why multiple companies are mixing zinc into the aluminum to create a stronger body for your phone which has more capability to absorb the impact that leads to the cracking of your phone to create phones that are more durable while keeping their aesthetic their design and their looks.

Now after this information and discussing the science behind the breaking of your screen and the efforts that are being made towards it now, we come to the reality that this information is all meaningless your screen is now broken which leads us to the main point of it all. 

What do we do

So, if the screen is broken first we have to access the severity of the break because a screens break can range from some minor scratches to life-altering breakage which translates to spiderweb-like patterns on your screens to big chunks of the glass of your screen broken and missing and the display so the breaks can range from a completely shattered or an unusable phone to a simple scratch or line on your display. That just depends on how much fate or luck is on your side.

How to Inspect

Well firstly after your phone has been dropped you have to access the damage which translates to pick your phone from the ground putting it on a good surface and putting direct light onto your screen where you can easily scan your phone surface making sure nothing goes unnoticed not like how people just pick it up clean the dirt off look once and put it back in their pocket it's better to analyze your phone closely doing some stress testing and some prodding into your phone and to check if the screen as a whole is working or if it feels a bit lose and also checking the screen in multiple areas to see if it is completely responding all over the display. If you do find a crack in your display in the majority of cases the crack will stay in place but the heat being produced off of your device due to excessive use can cause the crack to expand which leads to the crack taking over your screen until it finds itself to the other end of your phone. But in the majority of the cases with some extra care being taken of the broken screen the phone will still function and will be usable for the foreseeable future.

If it turns out after your careful and In-depth examination that the device is unusable and unsaveable the first smart decision to make is that as long as your phone is used to back up all your precious data as quick as possible to not lose all your data making sure that all of your photos and videos and important documents are safe somewhere else where they cannot be corrupted in case your phone completely ceases to function and in the case that your phone has already stopped functioning, now those are signs to get the professionals involved 

The following are all the solutions in the ascending order of Professionalism

Well, the first option that can be considered in Packing Tape

Packing Tape

This is the option that most people in their student life will come across or someone started out doing a job where in that life extra money is a commodity as scarce as hens' teeth in this option all that is viable to do is to make do until you can upgrade. In this situation, if you want to keep using your device and lower the risk of cutting your fingers or losing the fragments of blocked glass the best option is to cover the surface of your device with a layer of packing tape so that all the information on your device is easily accessible and the broken screen causes you no harm after covering the surface of your device with packing tape with the use of an X-Acto knife you can cut it with precision and with good skills it may just end up looking like nothing more than just a real screen protector 

Screen Protector 

This is the more premium option of the packing tape but which does come at a minorly higher cost than the packing tape solutions but with a little extra cost it does keep the look of your device to the best that it possibly can as it provides no seam and a clean line around the edges of your screen even though it wouldn’t make much of a difference considering that beneath that screen protector you have a shattered screen that is visible so this option does help to not harm your fingers and to keep the screen in place but it is comparable to putting a bandage on a gun wound. 

Replace the Screen Yourself 

You might be thinking to yourself what does that mean how do I replace my phone's screen by myself having no prior experience of any sort of this work well we can refer you over to Future Wireless for their excellent guide on how to replace the screen and kits for each kind of repairing that you might come across on your cellular device.

 But before choosing to go down this path there are a few things that need to be kept in mind you should look at the cost of buying a new screen and how much that would set you back because of the level that the screens of today are operating which come with incorporate touch interaction and some brands that even have screens that come with in-built fingerprint sensors and some screens which come with haptic feedback and 3D touch so with all those innovations in the display market it has also increased the prices of repairing your screen. You should consider looking into the warranty situation of your phone as that can help you in saving a lot on your spending but if you are the type of person who is more willing to fix your phone by yourself then it probably won't be an issue to you about wanting to maintain the warranty of your device, but even in this case, it won't hurt to find out whether doing this repair might void your warranty.

Well, if you have finally decided to give the repair a go yourself you will unless you are already accomplished and experienced in that field will require tools to repair your device which is where as we mentioned before Future Wireless comes in that provides tool kits for your device repairs with instructions which are easy to understand 

Obviously, this is an oversimplified set of instructions.

Here’s what the process looks like for the iPhone 14 Pro Screen Raplacement:

 This video demonstrates how to replace a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Original lcd screen:

Call In a Pro 

If all else fails there is only one option left the one that you should've used, to begin with, is to take your phone to a professional that will know what he is doing and will be the most capable to handle the situation rather than any unprofessional there are a lot of mail-in programs that exist all the US that require you to send over your phone and they send it back after it is done being repaired. But the best option in the repairing game comes down to Future Mobile which employs a team of highly skilled phone repairers with years of experience in the craft and who have honed their skills through years and years of phone repair and the service speed is something of a shock where you can get your phone looking and working good as new in just a couple of days. 

So why not choose the smart way Future Mobile









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