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 Do Iphone 14 and Iphone 14 Pro Use Lightning or USB-C? 

The month of September has changed the mobile game forever as on September 7 in the Apple Event a new series of iPhone has launched the iPhone 14 series with new and improved features including the Dynamic Island, Improved Cameras, and Satellite Connectivity yet even after all of these improvements and innovations one point remains on everyone's mind what has been done about the physical charging port 

Before its release, certain leaked reports suggested that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models do have USB-C which was now confirmed after the release of the new iPhone 14 series that the iPhone has decided to stay with the same lightning connector which has turned ten years old. Which has led people to speculate that the new iPhone 15 which is expected to arrive in 2023 will most likely be the first iPhone with a changed charging port the reason people are adamant on this belief is due to the new EU ruling 

Apple has been under regulatory pressure as new rulings have been given from the EU which has declared that all smartphones must have the same charging port connectors.

Certain brands have already adapted to this so this ruling isn't an issue for their companies like Samsung, Google and much more have been using the USB-C for many years now. Apart from these companies Apple now stands as a lone wolf being the only company with a charging cable and not adapting to the USB-C as every single Apple device that has been launched ever since 2012 has used the company's lightning cable 

Apple has been given a deadline till 2024 to switch over to USC-C Apple has gotten away with it in their new iPhone 14 series as the decision of the EU took more time than expected so they had this one grace or loophole but the next iPhone 15 won't be given such an opportunity

Benefits of USB-C over lightning?

The understanding of the EU behind the decision is smartphone devices are changed every year they want to make the charging cable and connector so that the charging wire and connector can be preserved and be used even with the new phone to reduce the overall wastage of old charging wires and connectors 

Other than that USB-C is quite beneficial as compared to others it offers faster-charging speeds and faster data transfer speeds, the speeds given by the USB-C are even higher than the fastest speeds given by Apple in their latest editions

The main reason why USB-C is being so highly performed is because it can be used across every device if you have an Apple, you also have to carry separate wires for your gaming console chargers and Nintendo Switch while all these can be charged using the USB-C

With so many goods about it can't all be positive users have reported the state of the cable to deteriorate over time they have said that the wire falls out after repeated use while the Apple Lightning remains durable

Why has Apple not transitioned to USB-C?

There are always multiple reasons for everything but one of the main reasons why Apple has still not transitioned to the USB-C and uses Lightning is because lightning is apples own product and is licensed and apple makes a good sum of money giving the rights to manufacture out to third party manufactures which is quite a good revenue stream for apple and if they transition to USB-C which is widely made and distributed Apple risks losing this stream of their revenue and apart from licensed third party makers Apple is the only one who has rights to make them hence making the customers always coming back to them

Apple has also implemented a Walled Garden to its devices ever since the beginning to keep their devices secure as the lightening cable isn't given as high of access to make alterations to any aspect of the device which has led to the iOS being a more stable and smooth operating software as people are not allowed to interact with the background and USB-C opens those doors

As with Nintendo Switch, the users were able to bypass its third piracy measures due to the use of the USB-C which allows people to interact with the software in a more advanced manner

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Will the USB-C be coming to the iPhone 15

Despite Apple's attempts to stick to their wires to keep their revenue stream, open Apple will have to shift to USB-C next year due to regulation updates that require all devices to operate with USB-C. Due to the regulations, all devices have time till autumn of 2024 to switch over to USB-C. This decision has been sought out for multiple years to have a common charging source to reduce the wastage that happens every year in the launch of a new phone when people discard their old wires. All other companies have complied with these regulatory decision Apple is the only giant that has stayed its course till now but now even Apple will have to submit to the new regulations and switch over to USB-C this more is set to reduce wastage and reduce spending on new charging wires and adapters, but for now in the iPhone 14 the lighting connector is here to stay

Other Apple devices with USB-C

Some devices of Apple have adapted to the USB-C to slowly transition the users to the USB-C in our opinion. Even though it is surprising that Apple has not yet switched over completely to USB-C as it was one of the first big companies to spot the potential of USB-C and in 2015 offered USB-C ports in the new 12-inch MacBook and a series of dongles to read SD cards and even connection to HDMI cables and till now the MacBooks still offer USB-C connections and some iPad models have also started to offer USB-C connectivity. All variants of Airpods also still offer lightning cable connections. But the new Beats Fit Pro have transitioned to USB-C connectivity which has led people to speculate that the Airpod's transition to USB-C will also be coming soon





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